Patricia L'Nane Freeman

A lifetime of professional experience in the arts.

Introducing Patricia L'Nane Freeman

Early Life

Beginning while still in school, Patricia has lived a life of performance, fashion, and entertainment promotions.

Being fortunate in life, her path has never strayed for too long from the arts.

As a young child Patricia performed in a trio of three part harmony with her sisters. Continuing this into her adolescence, Patricia started singing in Melbourne and within a short time was performing on a number of Australian variety shows. The L'Nane sisters were quickly picked up for regular monthly performances on radio as well as television.

They soon moved on to original music, working with Mark Gillespie over a number of years. Experiences over this time include touring such notible international acts as Tom Waits and Rodriguez.


Affectionalty knows as "Litte New York", Canada's Toronto was Patricia's place a residence throughout the 1980s.

In the decade she lived in Canada, Patricia performed in major establishments with various artists, and was delighted to be asked to perform in The Yorkville Reunion - an important weekend concert hosted annually in Canada


Patricia's path has led her to perform with songwriter extraordinaire the late Jim Caverhill, girl rock band Notre Damn, and noted folk performer Keith McKie with the band Kensington Market. This list is far from exhaustive, with the full role-call featuring a host of other respected musicians.

Patricia has, over time, kept a duo or trio act playing locally. She has written musical plays, and performed in various productions including the musical narration The Lady of the Swamp. This production was selected for the final short list in the 2008 Pratt Prize for Music Theatre.

Patricia loves to paint and draw, has hosted exhibitions in her own art gallery, and runs a picture framing business from her home.

Academic Details

  • Chavion College (Burwood)
  • Clark Carthew & Asssociates - Artists Business Management Course (1993)
  • Dorothy Stampford School of Ballet (Classical)
  • Chris Miles Ballet Instructors Course
  • Molly Haynes Vocal Production
  • Neiss - Artists' Office Management Course


Over the years Patricia has appeared regularly on major shows such as:

  • RAGE
  • Countdown
  • Ernie Sigley
  • Mike Walsh Show
  • Penthouse
  • Izzy Dye

Associated Acts

Patricia has had the pleaseure and privilage of performing with a number of significant artists including, but not limited to, the following.


  • Mark Gillespie
  • Vince Jones
  • Boderick Smith
  • Goanna Band
  • Kalimba
  • Regae
  • Jumping Jim & The John Street Jivers
  • The L'Nane Sisters
  • John Reece (Chattaka)


  • The King Bros of Ronnie Hawkins
  • Johny McCloud
  • Trio Visitors
  • Lee Wheeland Band
  • Jim Caverhill (songwriter for movies and radio)

Australia National Tours with International Acts

  • Deodato
  • Tom Waits
  • Rodriguez
  • 5th Dimensions
  • Marina Muldaur
  • Bo Didley



0433 415 287